Lisa Mihevc

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Clinical Focus: Couples

“I would highly recommend Lisa as a couples counselor. She isn’t afraid to climb in the trenches with me and is very encouraging and supportive despite what often feels like a desperate situation. Her reassurance and support have meant so much to me.” – Beth R. 


Communication | Divorce | Depression


M.A. in Couple and Family Therapy, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

M.A. in Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

B.A. in Political Science, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 


Most couples want physical and emotional connection where there’s a mutual attunement to each other that creates a feeling of unbroken connectedness. 

The problem is that despite loving each other there is a growing physical and emotional disconnect. Some couples come to therapy early in a relationship after realizing that marriage is really hard and need extra support. 

Some couples come to therapy, because starting a family causes unexpected challenges and pressures on the relationship.

And other couples come to therapy after being together many years and are trying to figure out if they should stay together.  Choosing to come to couples therapy can be scary- sharing these issues can be difficult, uncomfortable and vulnerable. 

Which is why I create a safe place where both partners feel comfortable expressing and exploring their needs. 

Here’s how you can get started with couples counseling. 

First, fill out the new client intake form. Just click on the link below this video. 

Second, we’ll create a plan and set goals for your relationship. 

Third, you’ll have many more better days together and begin to experience growth as a couple. 

I believe your relationship is worth fighting for and couples counseling is the best tool to move forward together with greater understanding and compassion for one another. 

So if you want to end the frequent arguments, the drifting apart, and the lack of intimacy, and instead, foster a loving relationship, schedule an appointment today.

When Your Partner Is Addicted to Pornography

You desire a relationship with your partner where you can tell each other anything and you feel safe enough to address concerns you may have about the relationship.  You love your partner with all your heart but their addiction to pornography is a huge burden for you.



Co-Parenting with a Narcissist: 3 Tips to Take Back Control

You desire to feel grounded and emotionally strong as you co-parent your children. In addition, you might have survived the divorce process, and you want to experience compromise, give and take, and cooperation. The problem is that you are co-parenting with a narcissist: a person who lacks empathy, has an inflated sense of importance, and needs to be in control at all costs. 



“Lisa is devoted to helping couples heal from high conflict relationships.  I highly recommend her to any couple looking for extra support.” – Mitch B.