Tara O’Leary

Phone: (630) 228-1095 x701
Email: Tara {at} thrivecouplescounseling.com

Clinical Focus: Couples Therapist

“Tara is compassionate, caring and connects to each of her clients in an individualized way. She is devoted to helping people heal from divorce as well as helping individuals figure themselves out in hard times.”

– Brooke S. 

Communication | Divorce | Infidelity | Sex Therapy

M.A. Couple and Family Therapy, Adler University, Chicago, IL  

B.S. in Food Science, University of MinnesotaMinneapolis, MN

ALMFT – Associate Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 


You’re here today because something is missing in your relationship. You want to be confident and have clarity on how to create the relationship you want, but you feel lost and frustrated because you don’t know what to do. 

There might be constant arguing, a lack of time to meaningfully connect with one another, or you have different expectations with regard to sexual intimacy. 

I believe that through the therapeutic process you can discover what’s missing in your relationship and thrive as you learn about yourself and your partner. 

I help couples figure out those missing relationship pieces that cause you to feel lost and frustrated. 

I get it, relationships can be really hard.  In the beginning, everything felt secure but over time things have changed and you don’t know what to do. 

If you’re lost and confused in how to navigate your relationship, reach out to me today so you can gain clarity on how to move forward.

How Couples Therapy Works 

You have an inkling that couples therapy might improve your marriage but you’re not sure what that would really look like.  You may feel confused about the best way to support your relationship.


“I used to feel beaten down in my relationship. Tara offered me tools to set needed boundaries in my relationship. She validated my feelings which gave me the self-respect I needed to advocate for myself.”
– Client