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Cultivate Healthy Relationships That Last a Lifetime.

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Relationships Are Hard Work
But we can help.

We help marriages & couples get through the hard seasons in life.

“When we started marriage counseling I had assumed we would attend a couple of sessions and then decide to end our marriage. We ended up learning how to communicate with each other better and repaired our relationship.  With Megan’s help we saved ourselves and our children the pain and suffering of divorce”

Hinsdale Couple

How to Start Marriage Counseling


Call For A 10-Minute Consult

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Create a Plan

Together, we’ll set goals and get to work.


Grow As A Couple

Get unstuck as a couple and grow in your ability to communicate, understand, and move towards each other in kindness.


Ready To Start Marriage Counseling?

“My spouse refused to see a marriage therapist so I decided to go by myself and I am so glad that I did. Megan helped me to see what I could change and gave me suggestions about how to make my marriage feel better for me. I feel so much better about my marriage.”

La Grange Resident

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At Thrive Couples Counseling we know that marriages go through hard seasons where partners end up feeling stuck, isolated, and questioning the future of the relationship.

We provide the tools needed for partners to be more connected and work together as a team for a lifetime.