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Help You Navigate A Divorce  

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Navigate The Divorce

Divorce Is A Big Decision.

We Can Support You Through The Whole Process.

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Experience restoration in your marriage, or get through a divorce and thrive on the other side.

Services We Provide

Individual Session

It’s important to work on yourself and get the support you need during transition.

Couples Counseling

For couples who want to work on their marriage together.

Online Counseling

For busy individuals and couples who cannot attend the in-person session. Online counseling is a valuable option.

“When we started working with Megan I thought we were just checking the “see a therapist” box before filing for divorce. To my great surprise, we were able to identify what we were doing that made us both feel like giving up on our marriage. After a few months of working through our issues we decided that divorce was off the table. I have been so relieved not to have to put my family through that turmoil. And now I feel more capable of getting things back on track if we fall into old habits.”
Hinsdale Couple

We believe that marriages can heal from their brokenness and become repaired and thrive.

We also believe that couples that decide to divorce can learn to minimize damage to both parties and to the children – and have an amicable divorce