Communication Support Counseling

We Help Couples Create A Deeper Connection Through

Clear & Compassionate Communication. 

Greater Intimacy

Understand Needs & Desires

Less Fighting & Conflict

Miscommunication happens but left unresolved, it can lead to:


Loneliness & Isolation


Constant Arguing


Threats of Divorce

End Miscommunication Today

We understand how frustrating & lonely it can be when you and your partner can’t get on the same page.  

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We'll Make a Plan Together

We map out together a path forward.

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Experience a deeper connection and understanding with your partner.

Services We Provide

Individual Session

It’s important to work on yourself and get the support you need during transition.

Couples Counseling

For couples who want to work on their marriage together.

Online Counseling

For busy individuals and couples who cannot attend the in-person session. Online counseling is a valuable option.

“We were arguing and getting frustrated all of the time so we decided to start therapy. I didn’t really want to go because I thought it meant the end of things for us. It turned out to be really helpful. Megan taught us how to communicate more effectively so that when we see things differently we don’t end up in a fight.”

Clarendon Hills Couple

We believe that with the right communication tools you can be understood and you can understand your partner and feel like you are on the same page.

If you want to end the arguing or avoidance of each other, and instead feel confident to initiate conversations with your partner, schedule an appointment today. We can help.

Having Trouble Connecting with Your Partner?

Create a deeper connection in your relationship through clear and compassionate communication.

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