Jimmy Escobar

Phone: (630) 228-1095 x702
Email: Jimmy {at} thrivecouplescounseling.com

Clinical Focus: Couples Therapist

“We were hesitant to go back to couples counseling because we did not really connect with our previous therapist. But that changed with Jimmy. We connected with him so easily.  He is compassionate, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the unique needs of each couple and their cultures.”

– Robbe & Lauren


Communication | Divorce | Infidelity | Abuse | Trauma | First Responders | Spanish


MA in Counselor Education (Marriage & Family Program)

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), Chicago, IL, December 2020

BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences (Psychology/Criminal Justice Majors, Sociology Minor) 

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, IL, 2003

LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor


Most couples desire to have a relationship where they can be fully themselves and accepted by their partners without hiding or shame. The problem is couples who are disconnected and ignore conflict often end up in a relationship that feels lonely, cold, and detached. And this often leads to miscommunication, a loss of trust and intimacy, and potentially the ending of the relationship. 

I believe couples can overcome these hardships and, with therapy, can have a marriage that’s loving, secure, and full of trust. 

I know how scary it is to think you are going to ruin a relationship with someone you love and care deeply about. I also understand how hard and scary it is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to our partners. 

That’s why I help individuals and couples grow their communication skills, increase their capacity for intimacy, and to explore possible “blind spots” that may be causing them to self-sabotage their relationship. 

So, if you’re lacking sexual intimacy, if you’re tired of having the same arguments, and if you’re afraid of where your relationship is heading, schedule an appointment today. I can help. 

Mansplaining Couples Counseling

Let’s be honest, many men have very strong fears associated with opening up to their partners about their emotions.  We can run into a building on fire, charge into a school with an active shooter, jump out of airplanes and climb mountains, but we can be deathly afraid of discovering and showing our feelings.

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3 Ways to Make Your Marriage Dance

Over time, once the “honeymoon period” ends, maybe a few kids have joined the family, marriages can start to feel mundane, tiresome, routine, and dare I say – even boring.  Partners can sometimes feel stuck and not know the steps needed to rekindle their lost connections.

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“My family and I had the pleasure of working with Jimmy for several family therapy sessions. Getting to see progress from the beginning all the way to the end was such a blessing. He truly made every session one to look forward to while tailoring each session to our needs.

The atmosphere he creates is so welcoming and loving that it just feels like a tight hug. Overall, Jimmy was more than just a therapist for me and my family. He honestly touched our lives in special and impactful ways.” 

– Sharon Park Family